VPTD’s Virtual Training Room.

At VPTD we are all about the human connection…

At VPTD we are all about the human connection: the high-fives, the laughter, the vulnerability, the sharing and the understanding. Since 2006, our group workshops have not only been developing leaders and hospitality professionals, they have been connecting teams and making them stronger.

When the Covid-19 health crisis hit, it became a whole new world. Suddenly hand shakes and high-fives were frowned upon and dancing shoulder-to-shoulder channeling The Jackson Five was totally out of the question.

The industry has been devastated by this crisis. Many highly skilled hospitality professionals have found themselves in situations they never thought they would. Loyal, hardworking staff have lost their livelihoods and business owners are baring the weight of holding up not only their venues but also their teams.

Businesses pivoted, re-planned, re-structured and those that were able to, refused to give up or give in.

And of course, we make it all look easy.

“Here’s a new take-away menu – voilà!”

“Check out our new point of sale system – ta-dah!”

“Oh and please enjoy our fun social media posts”… (while we fall apart behind the scenes).

But I see you hospitality people.

While you make it look easy, I know it’s not.

I see you, and I think you are amazing.

We started this business in 2006 to help people in the hospitality industry. That’s the bottom line. We’ve always wanted to help. We figure the more equipped leaders are, the less the strain is on their mental health. The more they understand about leadership, the more attractive the industry will become. We stand by those beliefs. So in an effort to help the hospitality industry not just recover, but rise up even stronger than before, we created the VPTD Virtual Training Room.

VPTD’s Virtual Training Room is so much more than a webinar or a string of YouTube videos. Each workshop is complete with downloadable worksheets, full presentation, useful templates, quizzes, relevant resources and prizes. (Well, it just wouldn’t be VPTD without prizes.) 

Due to the health crisis, many of you finally have the time to invest in your own career development and the growth of your team.

It’s here. It’s affordable. There are NO excuses.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to up-skill.

When your venue reopens, reopen with the structure and standards you always wanted to have, and be the leader you always wanted to be.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit, I received a message from one of the incredible leaders we have been so fortunate to work with.

“I would hate to think of where our leadership team would be now without the knowledge, training and support of VPTD. I feel we are all much better equipped to deal with this blow, and to rebuild when it is all over. Thank you!”

Well. Wow. Yes, I may have shed a tear or two. Thank you Nathan! But that message right there is exactly why we do what we do. We want to help.

Check out VPTD’s Virtual Training Room and enroll yourself, or your team for their first workshop today.

VPTD conducts Holistic Hospitality Training with a focus on developing the person, as well as the skills necessary, to excel in the hospitality industry. We believe engaging your team is the key to great service, staff retention, job fulfillment and profits.

For more information, or to discuss the training options available for your team click here or email vanessa@vptd.com.au or phone for a chat on +61 0410 793 491.

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