Hospitality Training – Group Training Sessions

Let’s be clear from the start. Our training sessions are anything BUT boring! Our sessions are targeted to connect and engage with attendees. At VPTD, we know (and love) hospitality staff. We know their attention span may be short. We know first hand, the unique challenges they face in their jobs. We know that the traditional ‘formal training’ room set up may be confronting and uncomfortable for them. We know that staff who feel quite at home in a kitchen, bar or restaurant floor, may feel like a fish out of water in a training room reminiscent of their school days. So we don’t put them through that! Our training room is a fun, vibrant, interactive space where learning is relevant, specific and valuable. We orchestrate the session to ensure retention of information is high and that attendees feel inspired and confident.

Our Group Training Sessions very reasonably priced and are individually tailored to bring tangible results.

Sessions range in content. Some of our most popular sessions include:

• Sales Confidence 101

Do the math… An additional $2 per person can equate to over $200,000 in additional revenue per annum. Yes, the Sales Confidence session is totally worth it!

• Handling Guest Complaints

• Delivering WOW Customer Service: The Four Pillars of Hospitality Excellence

• Prioritising During Service


Hospitality Leadership Training

Great managers create great teams. Great teams deliver great service. Great service produces happy guests. Happy guests ensure a healthy bottom line!

We turn supervisors and managers into leaders. Our sessions tackle the hard and soft skills necessary to run a venue and lead a team.

Sessions range in content. Some of our most popular sessions include:

• Introduction to Leadership

• Introduction to Industry Costs and How to Manage Them

• Essential Tools to Get Results

• Delegation and Time Management

• Addressing Staff Performance

• Communication: It’s Not All Talk


Hospitality Training Manuals – Standards and Procedures

A good training manual reflects your brand and vision. A good training manual must be visually appealing and engaging. A good training manual helps your leaders to coach and your staff to be confident and consistent. Yes – you need one.

We create manuals that staff actually want to read. More like a glossy magazine than a manual, we ensure they are creative, engaging and a little bit fun. Let us do the hard work for you and create a staff manual that you’ll love. In addition to being one the most useful tools you can provide to your staff and managers, they are essential if you are operating multiple venues, franchising or planning an exit strategy. A VPTD hospitality training manual adds value to your business.

Hospitality Recruiting

VPTD has been recruiting in the hospitality space for over twelve years. Unlike a recruiting agency, when you engage VPTD to recruit you are outsourcing your recruiting hours. Literally. We charge by the hour, freeing up your valuable time to build your business and develop your team (and tackle the never ending to-do list that is hospitality life). VPTD is a team of dedicated and tenacious professionals who know the industry inside and out and who have a database of thousands of hospitality staff. We work tirelessly. We really do. Ask our clients! We ensure we find the right recruit not only to fill the role, but also to fit your team and your culture.

Contact us to chat about how we can help you find the right candidate for your venue.

Other Hospitality Services

VPTD also offers General Hospitality Consulting and Spot Venue Analysis Reports.

Our mission is to help the industry to grow and thrive and to make the journey of our hospitality professionals a little easier and more sustainable. We are always happy to catch up or chat, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We are here to help.