Online Training

Online Training


At VPTD we are all about the human connection…

Why virtual and why now?

At VPTD we are all about the human connection: the high-fives, the laughter, the vulnerability, the sharing and the understanding. Since 2006, our group workshops have not only been developing leaders and hospitality professionals, they have been connecting teams and making them stronger.

When the Covid-19 health crisis hit, it became a whole new world.

Suddenly hand shakes and high-fives were frowned upon and dancing shoulder-to-shoulder channeling The Jackson Five was totally out of the question.

The industry has been devastated by this crisis. Many highly skilled hospitality professionals have found…   Read more…

When your venue reopens, reopen with the structure and standards you always wanted to have, and be the leader you always wanted to be.


What to expect:

* Comprehensive presentation

* Downloadable worksheets

* Quizzes

* Prizes

* Access online (or via the app once enrolled)

* Roll out to your entire team and regroup for discussion

* Participate as an individual looking to fine tune your leadership skills and improve your resume

Don’t miss this opportunity.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit I received a message from one of the incredible leaders we have been so fortunate to work with.

“I would hate to think of where our leadership team would be now without the knowledge, training and support of VPTD. I feel we are all much better equipped to deal with this blow, and to rebuild when it is all over. Thank you!”

Well. Wow. Thank you Nathan! But that message right there is exactly why we do what we do. We want to help.

Head over to our Virtual Training Room and check it out.

Hope to see you there!