New Year Goal Setting for Hospitality Leaders

5 Goal Setting Tips for Hospitality Leaders

Make 2019 a year of action.

Do you want this year to be even better than the last? I’m talking more success, more fulfillment, more profits, more engagement, more experiences, more time with family and friends. Sure you do. We all do. Yet in the hospitality industry we fail to prioritise time to gather the team and set meaningful goals and intentions.

If we want the business to develop, we need to set clear and actionable goals. And in addition to that, we need to develop the individuals within the business.

Investing 3 hours at the start of the year in a Goal Setting Workshop with your Hospitality Leaders, will help the team focus on big picture goals that really matter. It will be an exercise that provides long term vision and the tangible action points necessary for short term motivation. In order to be effective, it needs to be done properly, and it needs to be done holistically. We need to consider the person, as well as the business.

Here are VPTD’s top 5 tips to setting meaningful and actionable goals:

1. Set goals in 3 key areas: personal goals, professional goals and goals that will drive the success of the business

Individuals should set 4 goals or intentions for each of the above 3 areas. Tackle one area at a time in the order listed.

First discuss some examples of Personal Goals to get your team thinking. Share some of your own personal goals. Yes. This is a sharing exercise. Get comfortable with it. You can’t expect your team to share their personal goals if you’re not willing to. Go first. That’s what good leaders do. Be real. Be genuine.

Some examples of personal goals might be to get fit, go on more hikes, have more dinner parties. Maybe less screen time and more books. Maybe learn a language. Maybe save for a holiday. Maybe take a holiday! Maybe practice more patience, more optimism or more gratitude. Maybe commit to practicing Mindful Hospitality.

A great question to ask your leaders is: “What would you like to achieve in 2019, that will make 2020-you proud?”.

It’s a big question right? It deserves a great deal of thought and consideration. Allow some quiet time for your team to delve deep!

When everyone has 4 goals, share and workshop a few of them. Revise each goal to ensure it can be articulated in a succinct and clear manner. Ensure they are SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. This may mean that the goal of “getting fit” becomes a more specific goal of “go to the gym three times a week” or “eat healthy for 5 days a week”. The goal of “saving for a holiday” may become “save $10,000 for a holiday by October”.

Then move on to Professional Goals.

Follow all the above steps but ask your team to consider their professional goals. What would they like to achieve in their career in 2019?

Perhaps they’d like to reduce their food cost by 3%, or increase the average spend by $4 per person. One of their goals may be to hold a team meeting every two months or a training session every 6 weeks. Maybe they want to increase their industry knowledge, conduct more Walk ‘n Talks or practice better time management.

Are these goals going to help the business? Hell yes! But that’s just a brilliant ripple effect of them designing a year of increased job satisfaction and career fulfillment.

Lastly, consider Goals to Drive the Success of the Venue.

This is a great opportunity to look at the needs and requirements of the owners or directors. As long as we work for someone else, our success is directly related to meeting the needs and requirements of the people we work for. What are the main pain points of the business owners? What would they like to see more of in 2019? What would they like to see less of? Ask each of your leaders to come up with 4 goals that will tackle 4 of the needs and requirements of the business owners and in turn help to drive the success of the venue.

2. Share your goals and hold each other accountable

Goals that are shared are 65% more likely to be achieved.

If you have an ‘accountability appointment’ with someone with whom you have shared your goals, the likelihood of you achieving that goal increases to 95%.

Your management meetings become your ‘accountability appointments’.

If you really want your team to achieve their goals, follow up consistently over the next 12 months. Celebrate the wins and encourage your team to stay on track.

Showing an interest in their personal goals as well as their professional goals, shows them you care about them as a person, and not just the work they do. Your team needs to know that you are invested in them. Only then will they invest in you, and the business.

3. Articulate goals in a clear and succinct manner

Each goal must be specific and actionable and able to be articulated with unmistakable clarity. Your goal will probably be revised several times until you find the right words. The words are important. When you say; “In 2019 I will…..”, everyone who hears you, should be able to understand exactly what you mean. Clarity is key.

Unclear goals fail to provide the acute focus necessary to achieve your goals. It’s one of the reasons so many goals are never achieved. Unclear goals can be overwhelming and incredibly de-motivating. Do the hard work now, right now, in the workshop, to create specific and succinct goals. The less thinking you have to do down the track when life gets in the way, the more likely you are to achieve that goal.

4. Break down each goal into action points

The final stage of the Goal Setting Workshop, and possibly the most important, is to break down each goal into specific, tangible, actions.

If my goal is: “In 2019 I will go to the gym 3 times a week”. The steps may be as follows:

  1. Find a gym I like
  2. Join the gym
  3. Select classes/exercise program
  4. Go to the gym!

If my goal is: “In 2019 I will increase the average spend by $4 per person”. The steps may be as follows:

  1. Hold an up-selling / product knowledge training session
  2. Prepare a staff incentive program with an awesome prize
  3. Create a chart for the staff board that graphs the weekly average spend
  4. Encourage performance pledges in nightly briefings
  5. Send monthly reminders via SMS

Share and workshop ideas as you go. Have the team allocate each of their action steps on a monthly calendar. After the session they can transfer relevant actions to their daily planner or diary.

Having action points is what transforms a dream, to a goal.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”  Jim Rohn

5. Make it visual

Human beings are highly visual creatures. You only need to look at the success of Instagram, and the use of Pinterest and vision boards to see just how visually attuned we are. When VPTD conducts a Goal Setting Workshop, we provide attendees with coloured post-it notes and large calendars to plan their goals and action points. Once completed, the calendars can be placed on a wall or notice board as a constant motivator to smash 2019’s goals. Enjoy the hit of dopamine as you cross off each action and get closer and closer to reaching your goals.

Don’t leave the results of 2019 to chance.

If we don’t set goals, we can’t expect to achieve them.

Want to achieve your KPI’s, grow your profits, develop your leadership skills and be the YOU your future-self will be proud of? Prioritise a Goal Setting Workshop now to harness the promise and fresh focus of the new year.

Wherever you may be in the world, if we can help your venue to facilitate a Goal Setting Workshop for your hospitality leaders, please let us know. We’d love to help. 

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