About Us

Vanessa Pollock Training and Development was established in 2006. Its inception was driven by a love of the hospitality industry and all things to do with food, wine and above all… customer service.  The business was established with the primary focus of strengthening the hospitality industry and to help operators ensure their venue, and their team, stood out from the crowd. We are committed to championing the hospitality industry and we work to ensure its growth as a career of choice not just one of convenience. We work to make the industry an attractive one for up and coming hospitality professionals. Our long-term vision is that this will directly improve the quality and availability of human resources within the hospitality pool.

We have collected tools, strategies and resources over our many years in the industry.  Our experience and tried and tested procedures unite to create profitable venues.

Fundamentally the business is focused on operations, training, venue analysis and recruitment.  We have also come to specialize in concept development and are the industry experts at getting your new venue opened seamlessly.

We devise and implement simple and effective systems so that your workplace can be a happier, more satisfying and more profitable venture.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve the best from your team and your business.



Cornell University Revenue Management Course – Kuala Lumpur
Training Skills Workshop
DISC – Personal Profile Analysis Workshop
Leadership Development Course – Robyn Pullman
Certificate IV Training
Skill Path – Excelling as a Manager
Productivity and Empowerment Training
How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service – Fred Pryor
Latrobe University – Melbourne